The 13th Mask

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Detroit. Known as not only known as the Motor City, but also as Hockeytown. In that spirit, we are proud to offer our own brand of hockey mask. Handcrafted from top quality 6-7oz veg tan leather, this mask is great for going out on a Friday night, or just hanging with friends while camping. Watch as your friends scream or run (we assumed the latter) in delight as you show off that great hockey pride.

Suitable for head circumferences of about 21 inches to 24 inches respectively. Measure from your forehead to the back of your head when determining your size for a better fit. Please comment when purchasing.

**Please remember, no two products will look *exactly* the same due to variations in the leather.

** Please note that any of our leather products, the colors will look slightly different from the one posted in the picture. 

**Please note that face masks are primarily for decorative purposes only.