Starting January 1st, selling to the UK will temporary stop until further notice

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This is a post that we don't want to write, but because of Brexit, we are temporary halting sales to the U.K until we have a full understanding how the new VAT laws work of us and for you ordering from us. Also make sure we are doing things correctly.

The short version of their new laws, VAT collection will be moved from the point of import (paying customs upon receiving your package) to the point of sale, which we would have to register as a UK VAT payer and pay the VAT for you.

The full link on the new UK VAT laws can be found here:

You can still order from us until December 31st as these sales will not fall under the new VAT laws.

We do not have estimate when we will resume sales after the deadline, but instead of halting sales we will make sure we have full understanding of the new law and continue sales.

Our shop on Etsy is not effected by this change as Etsy will collect the tax automatically for us. Since our shop is hosted on Shopify we will have manually change the info in order to sell from here. We will keep you up to date!


Thank you so much!